Whitacre Civil War musket barrels
Quality Civil War Musket Barrels
Civil War Era Enfield, Zouave, and Springfield Musket Barrels.

519 Turtle Meadow Drive
Winchester, VA 22602
telephone: 540.877.1468

We have been making quality Civil War era musket barrels for over 30 years. In that time we have built an excellent reputation with the N-SSA. The accuracy of our barrels has allowed our customers to set new records in N-SSA marksmanship competitions and elsewhere.   Testimonials

Barrels and sights are N-SSA approved!

Barrel Characteristics:
  • .58 caliber (.577 or .580 bore)
  • .69 caliber (.687 bore)
  • 3 lands and grooves
  • 1 in 72 twist
  • progressive depth rifling
  • removable breech plug for easy cleaning of barrel
  • guaranteed
  • Made in America!
Available Services:
  • Remove the breech from your repro barrel and place it on one of our barrels, then copy the taper so it fits right back into your stock.
  • Sights mounted (see PARTS Price List)
  • Barrel Repairs - i.e. loosen & clean rusted threads; fill stripped holes and retap, etc.

  Mounting Sights $40.00
  Dove-tailed Front Sights Mounted $ 75.00
  Barrel Repairs Please Call

(sights not incl.)
1816 Springfield 3 Band Length
  1855-61 Springfield, Fayetteville 3 Band Length
$ 520.00
  1855-61 Springfield, 1855 Artillery 2 Band Length
$ 505.00
  Richmond Carbine 25" Length
$ 485.00
  Colt Repro 3 Band Length
$ 550.00
  Colt Repro 2 Band Length
$ 530.00
  Enfield 3 Band Length
$ 520.00
  Enfield 2 Band Length
$ 505.00
  Enfield Musketoon 24" Length
$ 485.00
  Zouave-Mississippi 2 Band Length
$ 515.00
  1863 Springfield 3 Band Length
$ 520.00
  1863 Springfield 2 Band Length
$ 505.00
  1842 Springfield, .69 cal., Rifled 3 Band Length
$ 550.00
  1842 Springfield, .69 cal., Rifled 2 Band Length
$ 530.00
  1842 Smoothbore, .69 cal. 3 Band Length
$ 525.00
  1855 Heavy or Fayetteville 2 Band Length
$ 505.00

Springfield barrels fit original stocks. Enfield barrels can fit Parker Hale or Euroarms stocks.

Our barrels are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and material
(covers only the cost of the barrel)

Barrels are sold in bright, unblued condition unless requested otherwise.

loss wax cast, sold in cast condition - very close to correct size
  Front Sights, dove-tailed mounted $60.00
  Standard Rear Sights $100.00
mounted $130.00
  Rear Sights - 1855 Springfield & Richmond regular sight, low hump $120.00
  Rear Sights - 1861-1864 Springfield regular sight, high hump $120.00
  Rear Sights - Springfield, long range $140.00
  Rear Sights - Mississippi, long range, 400 yard $140.00

Prices subject to change. Dealer inquiries welcome.
Barrel orders add:
Parts orders add:
519 Turtle Meadow Drive
Winchester, VA 22602
telephone: 540.877.1468

Reasons to Buy Whitacre Barrels

In comparison to most repros they are better because:

They are all American made.

They have progressive depth rifling.

The fit of the breech plug is much tighter than most of the repros.

The back of the barrel fits much closer, usually it hits on the front of the breech plug.

Quality of the rear sights are 100% better.

They can have dovetailed front sights installed.

The quality of the workmanship.

The nipple hole depth isnt near as deep. Less coke build up.

The outside finish is better, easier to blue if needed.

You can actually talk to the guy that makes the barrel.

Information & Tips
on buying Barrels

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S & S Firearms New York. Providing replica firearms and more for 40 years.



  Stuart Wear
   From: Stuart Wear
   Subject: good barrel
     To: dwbarrels@yahoo.com
     Date: Monday, February 8, 2010, 11:28 AM

     Hi Dan !
     I placed third in the country in the NMLRA Territorial  matches,Match ''D'' As issued military  musket , in 2009 using your .577 cal barrel in my  '61 Springfield .
     Your barrel  has held up very well in the 4 years I have been shooting competitively ;the rifling is still sharp , the bore is smooth and bright after thousands of rounds in practice and competition .It has been super reliable, I have never had a or a hangfire.It shoots both the Int'l Rapine and the Hodgdon minie balls with only a slight correction for drop.
     Stuart Wear
From: "Santarelli, John" <***@montcopa.org>
To: <dwbarrel@yahoo.com>
Subject: 1863 barrel

Hi Dan!
I bought an 1863 Springfield barrel from you at the Fall Nationals (2006) and just had it out to the range.  I sighted the gun in with 40 grains FFFg.  After the gun was zeroed, I tinkered with the charge and that the barrel seems to like 42 grains behind a .576 Hodgdon bullet.
Wow, what a group - all touching at 50 yards!  I can't say enough about your barrels.  I also have an original Trenton Springfield with one of your barrels (1861) and that one tacks as well.  You have, without a doubt, the best product out there.  I've won two National musket medals with your 1861 barrel.  Keep cranking them out -- they're the best!
Michael Santarelli

Congratulations! Congratulations to Ed Schneeman for taking home the GOLD in the Gettysburg Historical Rifle Musket Division and earning a SILVER Medal in the Replica Division of the Minie Rifle Musket Match at the International Muzzle Loaders held at Bordeaux, France.

Ed shot a 93 to beat out all other competitors and win his well-deserved Gold medal!

From: "Joe Coakley" <***@aol.com>
To: <dwbarrel@yahoo.com>
Sent: 21 Nov 2005
Subject: Thanks
Mr. Whitacre
I finally got a chance to try out the barrel you made for me.   I was truly with how accurate it was right out of the box.   And I think it is one of the few things that I ever bought that is worth more than I paid for it.   Thanks again!
Mr. Joe Coakley

Congratulations to Bob Yates of the Dismal Swamp Rangers, for winning the Felker Award for the best musket aggregate with a score of 190-4X during the 2004 Spring N-SSA National.

"I could not have done this without a quality barrel. That is why I re-barreled my Enfield with a Whitacre barrel and plan to get two more, one for my Springfield and one for my Mississippi. I really like your products!"

Bob Yates
"Dan has made two barrels for me and both are tack drivers. After only eight sighter shots with the second one I shot a 96-3x at 100 yards. Of course, this was at my home range, no pressure and plenty of time. If I could only do this at a National, but then, we know it is me and not the gun.

Dan does great work."

G.S. "Steve" Naylor, 17th Virginia Infantry CSA
"I have built 15 muskets using Whitacre barrels and have learned to expect excellent performance from every barrel."

Ed Nickodemus
"Thanks to you I had a solid performance in the Team Musket competition at the 105th Nationals...During the competition, I used a Euroarms P-58 Enfield with a Whitacre barrel and sights that you installed...It is easy to see why testing during the development of the rifled musket showed that the progressive depth rifling and rate of twist that you have chosen to use in your barrels was the best. Many people say that there is nothing like shooting an original musket. Thanks to your barrels we can still do it!"

Jim Wimbish

"I have built over 15 muskets using Dan's barrels and every one is a real winner."

Ken Hoffman
"Just won three first place medals at the 102nd N-SSA Nationals with a Dan Whitacre barrel on an 1858 Cadet Rifle."

Les Knutsen

"I have tried other barrel makers and I have found the Whitacre barrels to shoot right out of the box and perform great. I now have five guns with Whitacre barrels and recommend them to our new shooters."

John Smallwood, 1st USSS
Mr. Phil Slattery
Tucson, Arizona
From: "Phil Slattery" <***@hotmail.com>
To: <dwbarrel@yahoo.com>
Sent: February 14, 2005
Subject: Excellent shooting barrel
Dear Mr. Whitacre
A while back I had you do some sight work on one of your barrels, and I just wanted to compliment you on what a wonderful product you offer. I got that rifle zeroed in, and I can't believe the accuracy. I have been a shooter for about 50 years and I haven't had so much fun on the range since I can remember. Three weeks in a row I put that rifle through the paces (about 200 rounds total) and I just can't believe what it will do at 50 and 100 yards offhand. I'm going to take it to the NMLRA Western Nats next week and enter the musket matches just for fun. All the best to you, Phil Slattery, Tucson


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